Restaurant Back of House

«Out of sight, out of mind». Those areas of your business that your customers can’t see… the things going on behind the scenes... are you giving them the attention they deserve? While your customers may not be able to see what your back of house is up to, they can still get a feel for when everything’s working optimally. When things run well behind the scenes, they run well in your customer-facing areas, too.
Empower your kitchen team to improve communication and streamline processes
Manage All Back Of House Operations Through A Single Platform
Keep track of staff rotas, salaries, attendance and incentives
Gain better control over your inventory and purchase with confidence
Automate your forecasting with precision to better plan ahead
Syrve helps you consolidate all your back of house activities, bringing them together into one simple system that enables you to handle everything via just one interface.
Automate your back of house processes - prep plans, purchasing, reports, and more
Free Up Your Back Of House Team
Give your staff the tools they need to work efficiently
Reduce friction between front of house and back of house
Allow your staff to focus on what they do best
Your back of house team has better things to be doing than counting, solving problems, and completing paperwork. Free them up for more meaningful tasks.
Gain real-time insights into back of house activities and operations
Keep Track Of Your Back Of House
Make decisions based on real, authentic business data
Build reports to track inventory, kitchen prep, scheduling, and more
Integrate with business intelligence platforms for customised insights
Interested in seeing how your back of house teams are performing, rather than just guessing or assuming? Syrve's out-of-the-box reports tell you all you need to know.
Pro-active Local Support
We're a multicultural team of Horeca professionals capable of delivering the best in class service to your business. We speak English, Arabic, Russian, Hindi and Filipino. We love restaurants and we're passionate about what we do!
MENA Restaurant Community
Everyday we work hard to make the life of our clients better and happier. Communication is the foundation of our community. It is through communication between community members that incredible ideas are born.
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Transform your POS into your Point of Success
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