Restaurant Delivery Management System

Grab a bigger share of the market by expanding your business to offer home deliveries. Demand for deliveries has grown significantly, and bringing food direct to your customers’ homes is one of the most lucrative ways to grow your business. Whether you’re entering into the delivery market for the first time, or want to optimise your delivery operations, Syrve is here to support your efforts and drive results.
Accept, manage, and track orders from every channel via one interface
Multiple Channels, One Pipeline
Eliminate the need to rekey web orders manually into your system
Fire orders directly into your production pipeline to minimise delays
Expand your reach and make it easier to integrate with delivery partners
Accepting orders from phone, website, app and aggregators? With Syrve, there’s no need to handle them all separately. Syrve brings all your orders into a single workflow.
Monitor performance across kitchen, production, and delivery in real-time
Take Full Control Of Your Delivery Operations
Distribute orders across multiple outlets, based on resources and availability
Gain instant access into valuable production and delivery data
Monitor inventory, optimise staff rota, control costs, and forecast accurately
Expanding into the delivery market doesn't mean you need to relinquish control as your teams get busy. Syrve helps you keep on top of things, from start to finish.
Distribute orders among drivers and provide routes for optimal delivery
Provide A Superior Customer Service
Reward repeat customers through loyalty programmes and special offers
Avoid losing orders, safe in the knowledge everything’s managed by Syrve
Monitor deliveries on a visual map and check they’ve arrived on time
Delivery comes with its own challenges. And making one mistake could deter customers for good. Syrve reduces risk and helps you offer a great experience.
Pro-active Local Support
We're a multicultural team of Horeca professionals capable of delivering the best in class service to your business. We speak English, Arabic, Russian, Hindi and Filipino. We love restaurants and we're passionate about what we do!
MENA Restaurant Community
Everyday we work hard to make the life of our clients better and happier. Communication is the foundation of our community. It is through communication between community members that incredible ideas are born.
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Transform your POS into your Point of Success
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