Restaurant Policy Compliance & Controls

Maintaining standards is a critical element of running any hospitality business. And it's often a main priority for business owners. But what happens when you grow? Hire more staff? Open new venues? Maintaining policy compliance and controls is critical to ensure consistency across a multi-location operation. Syrve helps growing businesses to retain control.
Manage different roles and permissions across your entire business
Manage Your Workforce Effectively
Control who has access to what data, and what changes they can make
Maintain staff records and access when required for audit purposes
Generate reports as needed to monitor actions, activities, and behaviours
Managing staff performance and standards can be tricky, especially if you’re trying to manage different teams working across different sites. But Syrve can help.
Meet Government requirements for digital record keeping
Operate With Confidence
Ensure staff and customer data is handled in accordance with GDPR
Integrate seamlessly with Making Tax Digital-compliant accounting software
Build a single version of the truth, and ensure your figures are always accurate
More and more directives are being rolled out making it hard for hospitality companies to keep up. Syrve helps you to adhere to critical standards while maintaining control of your «corporate rule book».
Analyse event logs to find small issues before they become bigger problems
Identify Potential Problems Quickly
Act on anomalies quickly and proactively to reduce any possible impact
Boost transparency and increase the traceability of all operational activities
Reduce the risk of cost leakage and minimise the likelihood of fraud
When managing performance and compliance manually, it’s easy to overlook small inconsistencies. With Syrve, you’ll be able to spot little deviations quickly to get yourself back on track.
Pro-active Local Support
We're a multicultural team of Horeca professionals capable of delivering the best in class service to your business. We speak English, Arabic, Russian, Hindi and Filipino. We love restaurants and we're passionate about what we do!
MENA Restaurant Community
Everyday we work hard to make the life of our clients better and happier. Communication is the foundation of our community. It is through communication between community members that incredible ideas are born.
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